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Welcome to QISU!

We are a family business that loves crunchy snacks and loves cheese!

100% cheese!!! We don't use any other ingredients.
100% crispy!!!
Gluten free and high in protein
A complete cheese experience

Try your favorite cheese

  • 11.8g protein
  • 43% DV calcium
  • Gluten free

A mild taste for easy snacking

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  • 9.5g protein
  • 36% DV calcium
  • Gluten free

Your to-go cheese if you're looking for a bolder flavor

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  • 10.3g protein
  • 36% DV calcium
  • Gluten free

A global rock star transformed from creamy to crunchy

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QISU zu Ihren Mahlzeiten?

Ja, QISU dient nicht nur als Snack, sondern auch als köstliche Topping-Option für Ihren kommenden Salat oder Ihre Gemüsesuppe!

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How/where can you eat your QISU snacks?

  • Snack für unterwegs
  • Mit Ihrem Lieblingscocktail
  • Teilen Sie es mit Familie und Freunden. Freunde
  • Snack nach dem Training
  • Als Topping für Ihre Salate
  • Als Topping für Ihre Gemüsesuppen
  • Perfektes Geschenk für einen besonderen Menschen.

What's so special about our Cheese


Ways to prepare cheese

Ways to prepare cheese

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Cheese recipes

Cheese recipes

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Benefits of Cheese

Benefits of Cheese

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A new crispy cheese experience

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100% cheese

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Thats what our customers say

This company's dried cheeses are amazing!

I love that they are so versatile and can be used in all sorts of recipes. Plus, the taste is delicious and they always manage to add a special touch to my dishes. I would definitely recommend these cheeses to any foodie.

Maresi Tomeiclient

I discovered this company's dry cheeses a few months ago and can't stop buying them.

They are perfect for snacking and snacking and I love that they are so healthy and high in protein. Plus, the dehydration process gives them a unique crunchy texture that makes them irresistible - the best cheeses I've tried in a long time!